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Paiwan map(Paiwan Distribution)

Paiwan tribe is scattered on both sides of the southern Central Mountain Range - from north to Dawu Mountain, south to Hengchun, west to Fangliao, and east to Taimali of Taitung County.They are close to 86,000 in population. The chief of the noble class in each tribe is at the same time the leader in politics, military, and even in religion. Each clan is an independent and autonomous unit. As Paiwan tribe has a large population and the family-blood relationship is spread widely, the alliance between close relatives is common among the noble families. In some areas, a few noble chiefs rule over a big clan combined with the alliance of several communities. Colorful glazed beads, iron utensils, and silver jewelry are highly valued. The hundred-pace snake and the human-head designs on pottery urns, pots, and roof beams symbolize the superior status of the noble family.Paiwan Introduction
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