Iwan‧ Nawi
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Name: Iwan Nawi

Tribe: Sediq



Bachelor degree of Chinese Literature Department, Chinese Culture University

Master Degree of Ethnology Department, Chengchi University

Ph. D. Degree of Ethnology Department, Chengchi University



Assistant, Legislator Tsai Chung-Han, office of legislative liaison

Assistant, Legislator WalisPerlin, office of legislative liaison

CEO, Taiwan Aborigines Foundation

Secretary, Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan

Project Assistant, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica

Indigenous Language Materials Editor Commissioner, Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Ethnology Department, Chengchi University

Adjunct Assistant Professor ,Center for Teacher Education, National Taipei Education University

12 Years Compulsory Education Language Field- Local language Research and Course Revise Committee, National Academy for Education Research

Commissioner ,1st Indigenous Education Application Review Committee, Taoyuan City

Research Fellow, Taiwan History Institute, Academia Sinica


Research Field:

Indigenous Peoples History

Postwar Indigenous Peoples Politics

Postwar Indigenous Peoples Policy

Indigenous Society and Culture

Taiwan Austronesian language grammar


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