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2017/09/08 “Indigenous Language Teaching Program and Translation Program” are officially launched in National Dong Hwa University
2017/08/28 Foundation of Indigenous Languages Sustainable Continuity Indigenous Languages Immersion Preschool Recognition and Performance Presentation
2017/08/28 To Accomplish Media Access,Indigenous Radio Station is Formally Launched Now
2017/08/22 The Survey of employment status about indigenous peoples in 2016
2017/08/22 Looking Back on the Past, Looking Forward to the Future - Running by the Council of Indigenous Peoples The Seminar on Review and Prospect of Indigenous Peoples Policy in Taiwan
2017/08/11 Council of Indigenous Peoples approved full project of “Indigenous Peoples’ theater on mountain and in ocean named Jialulan square construction plan”
2017/08/11 An official document written in indigenous languages~Not difficult
2017/08/04 The 8th Taiwan Indigenous Literature Camp First Time Reaches Tribes in Cities
2017/08/04 Activity of Collecting Indigenous Language Teaching Videos “This is how it is spoken” Has Been Officially Launched
2017/07/28 2017 Indigenous Peoples Cultural Festival in Central Taiwan Austronesian Singing and Dancing at a Summer Night!