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Council of Indigenous Peoples approved full project of “Indigenous Peoples’ theater on mountain and in ocean named Jialulan square construction plan”
更新時間:2017/08/11 17:03:40
標  題: Council of Indigenous Peoples approved full project of “Indigenous Peoples’ theater on mountain and in ocean named Jialulan square construction plan”
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 Council of Indigenous Peoples approved the full projects of “Indigenous Peoples’ theater of mountain and ocean plus Jialulan square construction plan (hereinafter referred to as Mountain and Ocean Program)” submitted by Hualien County Government on the other day. It includes the feasibility assessment of “Indigenous Peoples’ traditional arts enrichment plan (hereinafter referred to as Enrichment Program) that has already been agreed and these two projects are both medium large cultural construction plans in Hualien County. According to the Council, the government are preparing to invest NT$199,520,000 and NT$199,720,000 to Mountain and Ocean Program and Enrichment Program respectively in the future. With the total NT$399,240,000 investment budget, government is anticipated to promote cultural project construction for indigenous tribes in Hualien area and drive the development of local tribes.

    Mountain and Ocean Program is located in Yuhai Section, Fengpin Township, Hualien County and it is close to Jici Beach with land area of 15,877 square meters. In the future, an art performance and landscape interactive theater will unionized with Mountain and Ocean Program will be built together. Singing and dancing, delicious food and art crafts with the features from surrounding local tribes as well as combined with local indigenous life experience and ecological tourism. The ultimate goal unionized  the three features phases, economy, culture, and ecology in Hualien area. In addition, Mountain and Ocean Program reserves a certain percentage of working opportunities to local indigenous people and offers employment rights protection of priority in recruiting local indigenous people; what’s more important is to grant “right of management” and “right of participation” to tribes. The Theater on Mountain and in Ocean should reserve the right of management to people in local tribes in priority under the equivalent condition and the space should be rent to local tribe first.

 The Council continues shifting funds to the construction resources in Hualien County because it has the largest indigenous population, diverse indigenous cultural features, beautiful natural environment, and abundant ocean resources. With the investment of central resources, the Council hopes to lead cultural preservation and promotion of local tribes as well as development and growth of industries, to increase working opportunities for tribes, to attract indigenous young people to come back to hometown for work, to create “abundance” and “LOHAS”, and to become the model of sustainable development for tribes.



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