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The Survey of employment status about indigenous peoples in 2016
更新時間:2017/08/22 09:33:08
標  題: The Survey of employment status about indigenous peoples in 2016
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  A survey of the employment status about indigenous people in 2016 was released by the Council of Indigenous Peoples. The result shown the average number of indigenous people labor was 258,112, and the labor participation rate was 60.87%. The average of employment figures was 247,905, comparing with  237,395 in 2015, which increased 10,027, whereas the average of unemployment figures was ten thousand and two hundred and seven and the unemployment rate was 3.95%, comparing with 10,237 in last year, which reduce thirty and the average of unemployment rate was 4.13% declining of 0.18 percentage points, but contracting to the same year national unemployment rate is 3.92%, it was higher than the unemployment rate was 0.03 percentage points.


   In 2016, the average monthly income of the indigenous people was thirty thousand and fifty dollars, an increase of one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two dollars over the previous year of twenty-eight thousand and two hundred fifty-eight dollars.


The Council of Indigenous Peoples will continue supporting for unemployment figures to cumulative employment skills, selection of work, stable economic income, it have created more than three Job service platforms for the indigenous people, which including setting up the original JOB of indigenous people human resources network (http://iwork.apc.gov.tw), the indigenous people employment service line is 0800-066995 and the local service commissioner, providing employment counseling, occupation training promotion and job matching services. These can help the indigenous people adapting to the employment environment quickly.


For the content of the survey report and the definition of the terms, please go to the Council of Indigenous Peoples' global information network :http://www.apc.gov.tw/, Path: information of this council (Information platform) / statistics / employment status statistics.

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