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The Council of Indigenous Peoples Visited the Indigenous Peoples in Ketagalan Boulevard, Expecting to Build Consensus by Promoting Zoning
更新時間:2017/07/07 10:57:05
標  題: The Council of Indigenous Peoples Visited the Indigenous Peoples in Ketagalan Boulevard, Expecting to Build Consensus by Promoting Zoning
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The chairman of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, Icyang·Parod appointed vice chairman Iwan Nawi and Wang, Ming-Hui again to leave for Ketagalan Boulevard today (at 10 am) to communicate with indigenous people. Two deputy administrative officers sent to Ketagalan Boulevard 4 times and try to keep communicated. But the indigenous people in Ketagalan Boulevard refused to talk with representative of the Council of Indigenous Peoples. Today, The Council of Indigenous Peoples still feels depressed a lot. But the representative continued the communication to rallying supports of indigenous people for gradually zoning the traditional areas together to march towards the final goal, recovering the land rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples.

The representative of the Council attempted to interact with indigenous people in Ketagalan Boulevard and further stated that Zoning Regulations were restricted by the authorization of Article 21 of The Indigenous Peoples Basic Law (hereinafter referred to as Basic Law), only public lands can be zoned at present stage. As for private lands, the Council will specify the processing methods of the traditional area involving private lands (such as Taiwan Sugar Corporation) in the draft of [Land and Sea Law of Indigenous Peoples] as soon as possible subject to the instructions of President in Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee on March 20th. The Zoning Regulations at present were prepared by multilateral research and negotiation, several presentations and rigorous legal procedures, released for implementation and submitted to Legislative Yuan for future reference, expecting to complete traditional area zoning by actual actions. As for whether to include issues of private lands, listen to opinions of indigenous people and build consensus, the Council of Indigenous Peoples would thoroughly inflect on the unclear legal authorization, tribal opinions and consensus of indigenous people and seek for the best processing methods after promoting the Zoning Regulations for a certain period of time.


Vice Chairman, Iwan Nawi, stressed again that the majority of aboriginal legislators supported the implementation of Zoning Regulations when the negotiations were carried out among legislature Parties. Over 20 chiefs of town, city and district also thought it was necessary to put it into practice as soon as possible. Now aggregate 26 tribes, including Atayal Peoples, Rukai Peoples, Tsou Peoples, Taimali Village, Taitung City, Beinan Village, Jianshi Village, Wufeng Village, Fuxing District, Alishan Village, Wutai Village, etc. volunteered to conduct traditional area zoning  and realize the justice of Indigenous Peoples as soon as possible.


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