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2017 Indigenous Peoples Cultural Festival in Central Taiwan Austronesian Singing and Dancing at a Summer Night!
更新時間:2017/07/28 17:32:18
標  題: 2017 Indigenous Peoples Cultural Festival in Central Taiwan Austronesian Singing and Dancing at a Summer Night!
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Council of Indigenous Peoples hosts a series of activities for 2017 Indigenous Peoples Cultural Festival together with Indigenous Peoples Commission of Taichung City Government. Activities of “Austronesian Singing and Dancing” and “Indigenous lovely marketplace” are held at Taichung Fulfillment Amphitheatre and Wen-Hsin Forest Park today (19th). The activity was jointly visited by Tsai Jung-Chieh the Deputy Executive Manager from Central Taiwan Joint Services Center, Executive Yuan, Mayaw Kumud the Minister from indigenous Peoples Commission of Taichung City Government, and Tsai Miao-Ling the Deputy Director from Council of Indigenous Peoples to announce the start of the festival together.

Other than 40 venders are set up for “Indigenous lovely marketplace” at Wen-Hsin Forest Part from 3 o’clock this afternoon (19th), the organizer also works with Austronesian cultural dancing troupes to hold “Austronesian Singing and Dancing” in Fulfillment Amphitheatre at 6 o’clock in the evening. Domestic indigenous dancing troupes and oversea arts groups and bands, including Atayal Taiwan First Nation M-yu Dancers, AmuBwiy Puing Culture Arts Group, Power Dance Theater, Haka Warrior Arts Group from New Zealand, Anuenue Arts Group from Hawaii, G-male from Philippines, iNDIEVOX, and Original Brewing, are invited for performance. Other than promoting the featured industries of indigenous peoples, all the visitors and participants enjoy the beauty of Austronesian arts and cultures through activities.

According to Council of Indigenous Peoples, the activities of Indigenous Peoples Cultural Festival in Central Taiwan are held by central and local governments together combining with sports competition of Asia Taiwanese Chambers Of Commerce Junior Chapter to set up vendors for “Indigenous lovely marketplace”. Through the musical miscellany of “Austronesian Singing and Dancing” performed by domestic and oversea Austronesian bands and dance groups, not only the liveliness of indigenous people in Taiwan and of Austronesian peoples are introduced to citizens in great Taichung area but also the economy features and energy of indigenous peoples are promoted and presented to Taiwanese entrepreneurs located all over the world. We expect Taiwanese entrepreneurs can help different countries in the world understand the indigenous peoples in Taiwan and guide the people from the country that they are located to visit Taiwan and experience the beauty of indigenous tribes so that to strengthen the fulfillment of the new southbound policy together.

~Activity contact person~ Council of Indigenous Peoples: Su, I-Cheng/02-8995-3251

Release date: July 19th, 2017