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To Accomplish Media Access,Indigenous Radio Station is Formally Launched Now
更新時間:2017/08/28 09:55:07
標  題: To Accomplish Media Access,Indigenous Radio Station is Formally Launched Now
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Alian96.3, Indigenous Radio Station, was formally launched on August 9th, and the public can listen to the complete program through FM 96.3 or downloading from Hinet hichannel network.

    The launch of Alian96.3 Indigenous Radio Station on August 9th also has its special meaning. In order to honor the position and rights of indigenous peoples, United Nations set August 9th each year as The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples on December 23rd, 1994. In this important moment that belongs to indigenous peoples, the launch of the radio station is further with the meaning of integrating into the world. The 9 key indigenous policies addressed by President include guaranteeing indigenous people’s right of media access, reducing the urban-rural digital gaps, and maintain subjectivity of ethnic group. The launch of Indigenous Radio Station is the implementation of the regulation in Article 12, the Indigenous Peoples Basic Law and is the concrete practice of protecting indigenous peoples’ communications and media access.

    Council of Indigenous Peoples further expressed the President announced “Indigenous Languages Development Act” on June 14th and indigenous languages become the national language. “Indigenous Languages Development Act” also defines that the Indigenous Peoples TV and radios sponsored by government should produce programs and language learning courses of indigenous languages as well as the percentage of using indigenous languages must not lower than 50% of total hours of that institution. Therefore, the establishment of Alian96.3 Indigenous Peoples Radio Station not only accomplishes the policy of indigenous languages development but also continues the growth and strength of passing on indigenous languages.

    The launch of Indigenous Radio Station will provide the information based on indigenous education and culture, languages learning, tourism and travelling, and public services. The abundant cultural creativity, tourism assets, and agricultural and featured products in indigenous villages can be promoted through radio programs and drive the economic development of the village. In addition, it can also become urgent disaster protecting and aiding system in each village. Do the early warning of the  disaster prediction as assisting various aids and reconstruction after the disaster. Through radio station, more indigenous people in the village can be served while indigenous people and the public in the city can also pay attention on various issues in indigenous villages from radio station. The purpose is to let more non-indigenous people know indigenous cultures, care the development of indigenous peoples, expand it as a public conversation platform among social public and various ethnic groups, and promote the harmony and prosperity among groups.