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Language Proficiency Test for Indigenous People of 2017 Will Start on December 9
更新時間:2017/12/15 16:41:35
標  題: Language Proficiency Test for Indigenous People of 2017 Will Start on December 9
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The [Language Proficiency Test for Indigenous People of 2017], organized by the Council of Indigenous People (hereinafter referred to as the Council) will start on December 9 (Saturday) in 16 test regions and 38 test rooms throughout the country. The examinees can directly visit the test website (apc.sce.ntnu.edu.tw/abst/) to enquire relevant information about the test. The examinees must check the language to be tested and test rooms as well as other related information and well prepare the admission ticket and identity supporting documents for the sake of smooth examination that day.

The proficiency test majorly involves the capacity of [listening and speaking] of indigenous languages. The full marks of the preliminary and intermediate test are both 100. 60 and above shall be regarded as qualified. Moreover, the marks for listening must be 45 and above and the spoken test score must be 15 and above. The examinees enrolled in national preliminary schools (including above) and non-native indigenous people will be presented with an exquisite and practical gift after completing all the tested subjects!

The Council reminds the examinees to take their admission ticket, the original copy of identity supporting documents with photo and ID No. (such as ID card, insurance card or student card/ degree certificate), 2B black pencil and eraser to the test rooms for the test in time. The examinees can visit the exclusive official website to enquire the plane graph of test rooms after December 8 (Friday). 5PM of that day will be made public on the door of each test region. Wish all the examinees success in the test.


u  Website for Language Proficiency Test for Indigenous People of 2017 (apc.sce.ntnu.edu.tw/abst/)

u  Service line for examinees: (02) 2321-9585, 0800-699-566 (free of charge)

u  Service faxphone for examinees: (02) 2321-1067