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Leader of Taumako Tribe, Solomon Islands and CEO Simon Scalopuka Visited the Council of Indigenous Peoples
更新時間:2017/09/22 16:19:00
標  題: Leader of Taumako Tribe, Solomon Islands and CEO Simon Scalopuka Visited the Council of Indigenous Peoples
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Leader of Taumako Tribe, Solomon Islands and CEO Simon Scalopuka, accompanied by Joseph Pius Waleanisia, Solomon's ambassador to Taiwan and Kolas Yotaka, Legislator visited and communicated with the Council of Indigenous Peoples in [8th]. Dr. Simon Scalopuka is the person-in-charge of Sailing Cultural Reconstruction Plan of Taumako, Solomon Islands who is proficient in traditional marine technologies and manufacture of ancient sailboat. The delegations heading for Taiwan was not only for providing assistance in creating Amis ancient sailboat in Taitung, but also for visiting the Council of Indigenous Peoples, expecting to reinforce the friendship between two countries and promote subsequent cooperation and communication by sailboat cultures.

Leader of Taumako Tribe, Solomon Islands, Simon Scalopuka and other marine experts were invited by Foundation of Ocean Taiwan for navigation culture exchanges between Solomon Islands and the Indigenous Peoples. The history and universality of navigation cultures and between countries could be connected together by virtue of [Austronesian Road], thus exploring the important role Taiwan played in geography, environment, history, culture and economy in South Pacific and deepening Austronesian cultural sensibility of Solomon Island and the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan.

It has been years since the diplomatic relationship was established between Taiwan and Solomon which has become a critical friendly nation in Pacific Ocean. Frequent communications results were produced over Indigenous Peoples affairs. The Chairman, Icyand expressed that the Council of Indigenous Peoples invited the representative of Solomon Island to visit Taiwan and deliver a speech of [Taipei Declaration] when the [Austronesia National Leaders Meeting] was firstly held in 2002; thereafter, the professionals and experts of Solomon Island were also invited to [Austronesia National International Conference] held between 2003 and 2010 to share valuable experience; in addition, the Council of Indigenous Peoples also headed for Solomon Islands in a band in 2012 to take part in the gala of 11th The 11th Pacific Art Festival. We were well received and fully supported by Solomon Island at that time.

The Chairman Icyand further noted that President Tsai, Ing-Wen announced that it was expected to expand the communication among the Indigenous Peoples of different countries, invite the indigenous peoples from all over the world to Taiwan to enrich the connotation of Indigenous Peoples Day with cultures, music, arts and historical justice on each August 1 by Austronesia National International Conference and World Aboriginal Music & Dance Festival on August 1, 2017 (Indigenous Peoples Day) . Therefore, apart from continuing to inspect the promotion progress of historical justice and transitional justice of Indigenous Peoples  domestically , the Council will keep reinforcing the communications and interactions among the friendly nations in South Island, expecting yo bring rich Indigenous Peoples cultures of the world and important issues to Taiwan, thus enabling Taiwan to be the critical core strength connecting Austronesian Peoples and world’s Indigenous Peoples.


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