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“Indigenous Language Teaching Program and Translation Program” are officially launched in National Dong Hwa University
更新時間:2017/09/08 14:07:49
標  題: “Indigenous Language Teaching Program and Translation Program” are officially launched in National Dong Hwa University
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Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Council) hosted “2017 Indigenous Language Promotion & Personnel Reinforcement Seminar”- indigenous language teaching program and translation program has been launched on August 14th and August 21st 2017 respectively in National Dong Hwa University. Each program recruited 70 trainees and there were 140 trainees in total from indigenous language teachers all over Taiwan, editors of various indigenous language teaching materials, members of new vocabulary formulation team, and the staff of indigenous language translation and writing employed at township (district, city) office in indigenous area participating in the professional indigenous language course together. The course is 36 hours per week.

2017 Indigenous Language Promotion & Personnel Reinforcement Seminar- indigenous language teaching program and translation program received very good amount of applications. The registration number for each program was 135 people and 141 people respectively, and it doubled the registration number from the past years. Moreover, the two programs this year cover 11 different indigenous languages with the most senior trainee admitted at 76 years old and the youngest at 24 years old. It is gradually reflecting both seniors and young people nowadays are enthusiastic in participating in the activities for indigenous language promotion and presenting indigenous people’s emphasis on the loss of their languages.

According to the Council, the indigenous language teaching program launched focuses on those who are the practitioners of indigenous language teaching to advance their professional knowledge in indigenous language structure, teaching method, class management, and teaching curriculum design in order to optimize the quality of indigenous language teaching environment. In addition, indigenous language translation program is to provide training to those who are with a certain level of indigenous language ability to be familiar with basic theory and skills of translation and become translation experts of indigenous languages. The Council hopes to make indigenous languages perfect and develop experts through the programs.

After Indigenous Language Development Act being published for implementation by President on June 4th, the Council is working on significant tasks of formulating 3 laws and decrees, 4 programs as well as dealing with 5 publications according to the Act. Developing experts is one of the important tasks to fulfill Indigenous Language Development Act. The Council will continue to host various indigenous language reinforcement seminars and encouraging those who are enthusiastic in developing and promoting indigenous languages to join and study together with the goal of becoming the experts of promoting indigenous languages in the future.



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