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The National Final of Indigenous Drama Contest Heated Up in Pingtung County
更新時間:2017/06/26 15:16:03
標  題: The National Final of Indigenous Drama Contest Heated Up in Pingtung County
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The Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Council) held the 7th Indigenous Drama Competition on May 20 and May 21, 2017 (Saturday and Sunday) in Suyun Hall, Pingtung University of Science and Technology. The teams participating in the contest came from 12 counties and cities throughout the nation, with 10 family groups, 12 student groups, 11 social groups, and 33 groups in total with 550 people involving in the game that would fight for the blue ribbon during the 2-day competition and demonstrate the diversified indigenous cultures.

The Council stated that “Language is the carrier of the culture, and each indigenous language stands for the vitality of national culture inheritance. 16 indigenous languages not only enrich cultural diversity in Taiwan but also become valuable cultural assets of Taiwan. Hence, in order to expand the language use fields and opportunities, making more indigenous peoples pay more attention to the importance of the indigenous languages. Through the Indigenous Drama Contest, the climate for learning will be highly improved. The city and county governments are encouraged to launch indigenous drama contests.

The Indigenous Drama Contest has embraced its 7th anniversary since its inception in 2008 aiming at deepening the language use experience through situational performance of short dramas and stage shows, and performed by family dialogue, tribal life trends and indigenous cultures, making the indigenous languages become the bridge for daily communication.

The Council further demonstrated that holding Indigenous Drama Contest could not only provide a platform for indigenous peoples and all walks of life to exchange languages and observations but also strengthen the language identity by the rehearsals and performances of the participants. Moreover, by the performance of indigenous dramas, peoples from all circles can understand the diversity of indigenous languages and cherish the important language assets in Taiwan while appreciating the original amazing dramas.