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The Creative Industrial New Brand Yuan Ben Nung by Indigenous Peoples Firstly Promoted A-Li Makino Bamboo Shoot of Atayal People
更新時間:2017/06/26 15:15:33
標  題: The Creative Industrial New Brand Yuan Ben Nung by Indigenous Peoples Firstly Promoted A-Li Makino Bamboo Shoot of Atayal People
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The Council of Indigenous Peoples and Council of Agriculture have been encouraging the environmentally-friendly farming in Indigenous Peoples zones and dedicating to assisting the Indigenous Peoples farmers launch the agricultural brand of Indigenous Peoples, Yuan Ben Nung. Firstly, they promoted the abundant natural makino bamboo shoot (also called A-Li in Atayal language) annually in Jianshi Village, Hsinchu County. The listing launch was held in Kangyuan Square in front of Legislative Yuan today (June 19).

The Council of Indigenous Peoples expressed that the purchase price of agricultural products from Indigenous Peoples area is squeezed down by market giants who deprives the Indigenous Peoples farmers of the rights and interests. The Indigenous People who create their own brand promote agricultural products from Indigenous Peoples. This makes the price of agricultural product rational which is a good alternative.

Makino bamboo shoot is in memory of familiar taste among households of Atayal People. Dingding· Bayan, the curator of Aboriginal Cultural Center in Jianshi Village, Hsinchu County played Jew's harp, the traditional musical instrument in Atayal People to extend their gratitude to the God and get the listing launch started for aboriginal agricultural product brand, Yuan Ben Nung. About 20 pupils from Jiaxing Elementary School, Yixing Branch in Jianshi Village came from afar and performed the traditional dances as the best regards for the agricultural product, makino bamboo shoot.

Makino bamboo shoot is the great gift from the heaven, Commissioner Kao Chin, Su-Mei who is from Atayal peoples cooked tribal home cooking together with Bargan·Dolly, the inheritor of Atayal cultures. They showed their capacities. Finally, Chang, Ke-Chin, the handsome chef and Championship of World Cook King and from Badasan Aboriginal Restaurant, had presented the audiences with creative bamboo shoot dishes and demonstrated the creativity and vitality of Indigenous Peoples with his culinary skills recognized and certified by Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute.

The Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan adores the nature and farm with the traditional agricultural techniques left by ancestors to harvest safe and toxin-free agricultural products. The indigenous peoples are the purest farmers. Series of commodities of Yuan Ben Nung are made from the most natural crops without pesticide and environmentally-friendly techniques to offer people with the realest foods and shorten the distance between the place of origin and the dinning-table. The masses are welcomed to support the environmentally-friendly agriculture and purchase the natural food materials in tribes of Indigenous Peoples.


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