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National Museum of Indigenous Peoples Rests at Kaohsiung City
更新時間:2017/10/12 09:29:52
標  題: National Museum of Indigenous Peoples Rests at Kaohsiung City
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The Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Council) has re-applied for the site selection evaluation for National Museum of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Museum) subject to resolution of Session 1, 9th Home Affairs Committee, Legislature in a bid to show its respect for public supervision and openness to all kinds of valuable views. For the purpose of adhering to the fair, open, and objective principle of site selection, the Vice Chairman, Wang, Ming-Hui acted as the convener to form a site selection group by inviting Professor Wang, Sung-Shan of Museum Science, Curator Li, Sha-Li, Anthropologist and Vice Curator, Lin, Chi-Hsing, Director of Indigenous Peoples Cultures, Pu, Chung-Cheng, Urbanist and Committee Member, Chou, Chi-Lung as well as Professor of Transport, Luo, Hsiao-Hsien. After the professional evaluation, the Museum was finally to be based at Cheng Ching Lake Park, Kaohsiung City.


8 local governments i.e. New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Kaohsiung City, Hsinchu City, Miaoli County, Pingtung County, Yilan County as well as Hualien County proposed suggestions on museum base and expressed their strong will after the site selection evaluation re-application was announced on Jul. 6, 2016 by the Council. The comprehensive evaluations were carried out in regards to base conditions, supporting measures, development schedule, regional strengths, communication and transportation, etc. before site investigation and after base opening up since Sept. 2016. And Cheng Ching Lank Park in Kaohsiung City was ultimately chosen as base of original Museum, the strengths of it are as follows:

1. With convenient transportation that accesses to 180,000 indigenous people in Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Taitung County, Tainan City where accommodate maximum Indigenous Peoples and Pingpu indigenous groups. It’s thus strengthening the interactions and communications between indigenous villages and Museum and facilitating the cultural, educational and creative industry development in indigenous villages.

2. With 14 hectares of base areas and rich natural ecological landscapes which delivers the cultural connotations of interactions between Indigenous Peoples and the nature and endows the original Museum with potential for future development and expansion.

3. With sound transportation system that makes high-speed rail, expressway, train, Metro, light rail, airport and harbor as well as other transportation vehicles available which effectively attracts the potential visitor groups at local, regional, national and international levels.

4. The base was settled in Cheng Ching Lake Park with mature and stable number of visitors. It’s adjacent to WeiWuYing National Center for Arts, National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Pier-2 Art Center and other related educational and cultural resources. The base is also integrated with the well-established academic resources in Tainan and Taitung County which is favorable for connecting the museum and arts.

5. Kaohsiung, an important international city in southern Taiwan, is equipped with international harbors, demonstrating its soft power as [Ocean Capital] that is helpful for the interactions and communications between Indigenous Peoples and Austronesian.


The Council stated that it would speed up its pace for submitting the proposed scheme modified based on the site selection results to the Executive Yuan to continue to promote the comprehensive planning, cultural relics collection, building design and other related preparatory work, expecting to make it the window for origin of Taiwan’s history and culture in the future, thus facilitating the communications and conversations among different cultures, driving the promotion and preservation of Indigenous Peoples cultures in a more specific sense.


Undertaker: Pan, Yu-Cheng

Contact Tel: 02-8995-3132