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Foundation of Indigenous Languages Sustainable Continuity Indigenous Languages Immersion Preschool Recognition and Performance Presentation
更新時間:2017/08/28 10:03:19
標  題: Foundation of Indigenous Languages Sustainable Continuity Indigenous Languages Immersion Preschool Recognition and Performance Presentation
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Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Council) planned to hold “Academic Year 2016 Indigenous Language Immersion Excellent Preschool, Family, and Individual Recognition and Performance Presentation” in Banquet Room, E-Da Skylark Hotel Kaohsiung on August 12th, 2016 (Saturday) in order to praise the excellent preschools and individuals that participate in “Academic Year 2016 Indigenous Language Immersion Preschool program”. Welcome the participation from all the indigenous people and friends from various industries that care about the rooting of indigenous languages.

To select excellent preschools, families and individuals, the Council invited experts and scholars in early childhood education and relevant areas for two-stage strict review of on-site, evaluation and selecting meeting, to select preschools and individuals with outstanding performance, rewarding their devotion and efforts in executing the program.

The presentation will announce the 5 awards (Excellent Indigenous Language Immersion Preschool, Excellent Indigenous Language Teacher and Caregiver, Excellent Teacher and Caregiver, Excellent Parents-Children Co-Learning Family, and Excellent Indigenous Language Learning Child). Other than inviting the children from the participant school, Laiyi Township Preschool in Pingtung County to share their learning results with all the guests through Pinayuanan singing and dancing, the presentation also presented indigenous language immersion teaching materials and aids that were created by indigenous language teachers and caregivers as well as played annual performance videos to completely demonstrate various performance in the promotion of academic year 2016 indigenous language immersion preschool program.

According to the Council, President Tsai specifically announced that government would continue expanding budgets to promote indigenous language nanny reward and immersion preschool program in the future during the speech for “National Indigenous Peoples Administration Meeting” on August 1st. The Council will treat indigenous language rooting promotion and sustainable indigenous language continuity as one of the important tasks for recovering indigenous languages. Other than expanding the number of indigenous language immersion preschool from 15 schools in academic year 2016 to 35 schools, it is planned to expand it to 50 preschools in academic year 2018, including 16 different indigenous languages. Meanwhile, the cultivation of indigenous teachers and caregivers that are with both indigenous language ability and teaching qualification will be continued to help indigenous children learn mother languages naturally through immersive indigenous language learning environment in order to fulfill the rooting of indigenous languages and achieve the purpose of sustainable continuity of indigenous languages.


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