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Cultivate Indigenous Social Workers; Boost the Solid and Diverse Cultural Energy
更新時間:2017/12/12 11:33:21
標  題: Cultivate Indigenous Social Workers; Boost the Solid and Diverse Cultural Energy
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The Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as the Council) conducted a three-day-two-night on-the-job educational training for indigenous social workers between Nov. 21 and Nov. 23. The training courses aimed to cultivate the professional skills of indigenous social workers, from which the diverse and unique cultural capacities of the indigenous social workers were expected to be boosted, thereby developing the social working methods with cultural contexts and visions, carrying out the indigenous social work adjusted to the local condition and timing. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Chairman of the Council, Icyang·Parod,who also addressed a speech at the ceremony.

The Council highlighted that the indigenous social workers should be both equipped with professional skills and cultural knowledge and the private group, network units and governmental organizations should cooperate with each other. Apart from the fundamental courses provided for the training, the participants could first selected the courses which included [Mutual-aid Culture of Indigenous Peoples and Voluntary Service Policies and Actions], [Welfare for Indigenous Elders and Long-term Caring Policies and Actions], [Be the Contributor of the Tribe--My Leadership in Social Work and Influence], [My Narrative Rehearsal for Social Work], etc.. Part of the courses would be delivered in a diverse manner, such as thematic discussion, thus promoting the study mechanism of inter-sharing and communication and inspiring the cultural capacities of indigenous social workers as well as putting them into the practical work.

Moreover, the head of business units from municipalities and county (city) and executive manager from Indigenous Peoples Family Service Center were also invited this year to train together with the first-line indigenous social worker, the social workers from Indigenous Peoples Family Service Center and cross-field integrated supervisors, expecting to create a better welfare and safety network for indigenous peoples through the mutual interactions and cooperation available in the training.

The Council stated that it would continue to undertake the indigenous social worker training scheme and keep eye on the overall social dynamics and trends to make an inventory of the training demands for indigenous social workers, integrate and plan the theoretical or practical on-the-job training to achieve the goal of inspiring the cultural capacities of the indigenous social workers.