Tsou map(Tsou Distribution)

The Tsou tribe mostly lives in Alishan Township of Chiayi County, Sinyi Township in Nantou County and Tauyuan and Namasia Townships of Kaohsiung County. They have a total population about 6,500. Strict patriarchal structure and the well-organized small and large clans are the Tsou tribe’s social and political organization. Tribal affairs are conducted by men in the “Kuba”, a house where young people must live in for their training before getting married. Women must keep away from the “Kuba”. “Mayasvi”, the War ritual and ancestor spirit worship are the major religious ceremonies. The processes of maintaining “Kuba”, trimming of holy tree, welcoming the ancestral spirits, entertaining and seeing off the spirits are elaborate with singing, rhythm music, and dancing.

Tsou Introduction
By Shieh Li-Jong
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