Policy Development

Advancing the overall development of indigenous communities

Taiwan’s indigenous peoples are an essential part of the composition of Taiwan’s multicultural society and play a crucial role in the characterization and identification of Taiwan’s cultural development. To facilitate the overall development of indigenous communities, this Council is devoted to the planning and implementation of indigenous affairs based on the principles contained in constitutional amendments and the six-star action plan for the building of healthy communities. In addition, it strives to aggressively carry out diversified development of indigenous villages and cultivate cultural consciousness among urban dwelling indigenous peoples, to reach the objective of elevating the dignity and social status and securing the dignity and social status and securing the interests of indigenous peoples.

Build up an indigenous legal system
1. Continue studying and drawing up relevant sub laws under the Indigenous Peoples Basic Law.
2. Study and draft the Constitution’s section on indigenous peoples.

Plan for indigenous administration
1. Carry out legislative work for enactment of indigenous autonomy laws, and draw up a mechanism for indigenous autonomy. Nurture and strengthen the concepts of autonomy, establish a bottom-up system, provide guidance to tribes to establish village councils, ethnic councils or other organizations for promoting autonomy at the local level, to assist tribes to push forward the concepts of autonomy.
2. Encourage local governments to set up indigenous administrative agencies; establish an indigenous administration system.
3. Plan and carry out training programs for indigenous people who pass specialized civil service examinations, to enhance their administrative competence.
4. Foster international exchanges among indigenous peoples, realize objectives set out in memoranda of understanding concluded with Canada and New Zealand respectively, and set up a mechanism for cooperation on indigenous affairs with Austronesia nations. In addition, provide assistance to private groups to take part in international indigenous NGO’s and related activities.

Foster indigenous village development
1. Advocate sustainable development plans for indigenous tribes.
2. Promote overall community development plans for Orchid Island.
3. Work to resolve economic and housing problems of indigenous peoples.
4. Improve the efficiency and quality of public construction work.
5. Develop a village learning mechanism

Advance indigenous education and culture
1. Promote indigenous education.
2. Develop indigenous media sector.
3. Revive indigenous culture and the use of indigenous languages.

Safeguard indigenous employment and health
1. Secure indigenous labor rights
2. Strengthen indigenous social welfare services.
3. Build up indigenous health and safety systems.

Secure indigenous land right
1. Set up a legal system for indigenous land issues.
2. Strengthen indigenous land planning measures.
3. Complete surveys of traditional tribal lands and territories, define boundaries and draw village maps to serve as references for planning based on traditional indigenous lands and territories and provide this information to indigenous villages to carry out joint management.

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