Puyuma map(Pinuyumayan Distribution)

The Pinuyumayan Tribe inhabits the area in the south of Taitung Longitudinal Valley. At the peak of their military conquest, the Pinuyumayan tribe ruled over 72 aboriginal communities in the eastern part of Taiwan. At present, their population is about 11,000. The entire Pinuyumayan tribe may be divided into eight sub-tribes called “Pa-Sher-Fan”. These groups each have different mythology about their origins. The Beinan group said they were born from bamboo, and the Jiben group said they were born from stone. The traditional social organization is maintained by two systems: one is the family system with inheritance by the eldest daughter, and the other is organized by the different ages of males. Trakuban” is the political center and education place for the males. Before getting married, the men accept warrior training with the task of defending the community. The ranking is divided according to the age groups.

Puyuma Introduction
By Shieh Li-Jong
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