Thao map(Thao Distribution)

The Thao tribe lives in Yuchih Township and Shueili Township in Nantou County with a total of about 648 people. The tribe’s legend said that their ancestors found Sun Moon Lake while they were chasing a white deer. Therefore, they moved there and settled down. The Thao tribe has a patriarchal society. They were deeply influenced by the Han culture, yet they still kept their cultural elements alive. “Ulalaluan”, the basket containing the ancestor spirit is hung in the corner wall of each household. This is not seen in other indigenous tribes of Taiwan. The tribal chief is the main decision maker regarding ceremony rituals of the community and also presides over social affairs. The position is usually inherited by the eldest son. The most representative is the Thao wooden pestle rhythm music and singing.

Thao Introduction
By Jean Shyy-Lang
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