Bunun map(Bunun Distribution)

The Bunun tribe are scattered widely around Namasia Township of Kaohsiung County, Haiduang Township of Taitung County as well as in Nantou County. The Bunun tribe can be found in the areas of the Central Mountains with average altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 meters. They have a total population of about 50,000. The society is maintained mainly by patriarchal social structure. Family members may include non-family blood relation individuals. This is also the reason why Bunun traditional family residence is pretty large in size. Ceremonies are scheduled according to millet planting, weeding, and harvest. “Pasibutbut ”, which means “Praying for a Millet Harvest” is the most famous song, the wonderful eight-part harmony sung by the Bunun people during the weeding time. “Malahtangia” is considered the most important of the life ceremonial rituals for Bunun male’s passage into manhood.

Bunun Introduction
By Shieh Li-Jong
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