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2017/11/22 最新文章 To Create a Smart City, TT Maker Enters into Indigenous Peoples Cultural & Creative Settlement of Taitung County
2017/11/22 最新文章 IT Wrap-up Presentation VR Science & Technology Experience for Wilderness Adventure
2017/11/07 Serial Lecture “Training New Talents, Keeping the Original History”- Cultivate Indigenous Peoples Traditional and Intellectual Protection Talent
2017/11/07 Welcome to submit your opinions of Indigenous Legal Entities Planning and Setting
2017/10/23 “2018 Innovation of Cultural Indigenous Music Subsidy Plans” has been promoted and started to apply in the October
2017/10/23 No politics involves! Council of Indigenous Peoples responded to Mayer of New Taipei City that Proposal of Museum of Indigenous Peoples is consulting Scholars and Expert respectfully.
2017/10/12 The Council of Indigenous Peoples Responded to the External Doubts about the Site Selection Result of the National Museum of Indigenous Peoples
2017/10/12 National Museum of Indigenous Peoples Rests at Kaohsiung City
2017/09/22 Leader of Taumako Tribe, Solomon Islands and CEO Simon Scalopuka Visited the Council of Indigenous Peoples
2017/09/22 [Ayoi Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural & Creative Museum] Introduced the Aesthetics and Cultural Deposits of Indigenous Peoples to [Tokyo International Gift Show of 2017]