Sakizaya mapSakizaya Distribution

The Sakizaya villages are mainly located in Hualien County, the east of Taiwan. Before the mid 19th century, most of the Sakizaya lived on the Hualien Plain. However, after the Galeewan Incident, a large number of Han Chinese began to move into Hualien Plain to escape from oppressions from Japanese rulers and the floods. Likewise, the Sakizaya began to move inside the plain in small numbers while some began to explore outside the plain. At present, the majority of Sakizaya villages are seated in Beipu or Hupo’, Meilun or Pazik, Dehsin or Sakor, Jubu or Cupo’ or Kasyusyuan, Yuemei or ‘Apalu, Sanhsin or Cirakayan, Sueilien or Ciwidian, Jichi or Karuruan, Maliyun or Maibor, etc., while others are found inside Amis villages. Recently with the industrial development, Sakizaya people roughly numbered at 5,000 to 10,000 persons also move to the urban areas.